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Unlock the Multifamily Market as individual Cleaner

Discover a lucrative Opportunity
in the Apartment Complex
Cleaning Industry


Cleaning Opportunities Annually


Apartments in the United States


New Units being Built Annually

Companies Working with PINCH

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With PINCH, I became a verified cleaner and have started receiving jobs from them. Marketing for me in the past has been super difficult so I love getting real jobs from people already committed. When I do a great job, they tend to set up a recurring cleaning. PINCH, is now my best ally

Lorena Gómez

21th Jul. 2023

It has never been so easy for me to schedule and organize the services I provide to my clients, everything is in the same application, with reminders for me and my client. Is incredible!

Diana Ramirez

07th May. 2023

I use PINCH to keep myself organized. I keep my customer information, pricing, and communication all in one place. Super easy to use.

Marcela Díaz

12th Sep. 2023


  • Create your account

  • Set up your team

  • Get a background check

  • Connect your bank account for payment

Business Tools
  • Use our tools for managing client info and pricing

  • Payment Tools

  • Scheduling Systems

  • Inbound leads and opportunities

Training & Certification
  • Immediate access to training tools

  • Learn about multifamily

  • Learn to sell in the multifamily industry

  • Get Certifications

Connect Cleaning Teams
  • Find residential AND multifamily cleaning opportunities

  • Link up with cleaning teams to get more jobs and fill your days

Ongoing Support
  • Network of cleaners to reach out to for more workers

  • Sales Incentives

  • The more you sell, the more PINCH invests in your business!

computer with PRO PINCH tool

What You Get

Unlock Business Tools for a Fraction of their normal costs!


  • Scheduling tools with team management

  • Job Booking Automation

  • Client Pricing Tools

  • Contact Management Tools


  • Learn specifics of the multifamily industry

  • Sales Training

  • Cleaning Tips

  • Documentation Practices

  • Problem-Solving

  • Multifamily Certification

PINCH Verified

  • PINCH provided insurance for
    jobs created through the PINCH

  • Access to Property Management
    Move in/out jobs around the

  • Free Public Profile showing your
    background and experiences

Value Added Tools

  • Product Discounts through
    our national marketplace

  • Daily invoicing of multifamily

  • Multiple Payment Options
    are available to offer to your 

  • Finance Support Staff



Access advanced tools worth thousands of dollars, supercharging your business at no extra cost.


Gain valuable expertise and confidence to excel in the multifamily space. 
Not only will  you learn how to sell, but you will learn some tricks of the trade as well.

PINCH Verified

Provide prospects with details of yourself and your business.
Larger companies can contact you for jobs.
Give residential clients the comfort of knowing that you have been background screened.

Value Added Tools

Safe Thousands of $ through our discounted marketplace.
Present your small business as a larger entity through the use of these tools.

Why You Should Care

This will Fuel Your Cleaning Business’ Growth Plans

Scale Your Cleaning Business

Learn how Kelly and her team went from 4 employees to

36 in just 9 months!

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