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  • Create your account

  • Set up your team

  • Get a background check

  • Connect your bank account for payment

Training & Certification
  • Immediate access to training tools

  • Learn about multifamily

  • Learn to sell in the multifamily industry

  • Get Certifications

Find Opportunities
  • Start prospecting

  • Use our tools to market to your target communities

  • Be told “No”

  • Get up and start prospecting again

Close 1st Deal
  • Use our tools for creating proposals

  • Onboarding processes

  • Booking Setup Procedures

  • Keep things simple

Ongoing Support
  • Network of cleaners to reach out to for more workers

  • Sales Incentives

  • The more you sell, the more PINCH invests in your business!

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Unlock the Multifamily Market

Discover a lucrative cleaning opportunity in Apartments.

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Cleaning Opportunities Annually


Apartments in the United States


New Units being Built Annually

Companies Working with PINCH

I never thought that my company could sell our cleaning services to apartments. Each time we’ve tried in the past, the manager wanted super high insurance coverage. We could never get the numbers to work. With PINCH, we are scaling our business through these apartments. We are on our 3rd community now and plan to keep growing!

Jorge Ramos

22th Oct. 2023

I had a team of 4 cleaners when I started working with PINCH in the multifamily space. Less than a year later, I have over 30 cleaners! My life has changed. Thanks PINCH.

Kelly Silva

14th Dec. 2023

With PINCH, I have learned to sell my cleaning service to multifamily communities. The training was super easy and I now force all new employees to go through their multifamily training system. It sets the stage for them and gives them the foundation they need to succeed for themselves and for my business’s reputation.

Matt Wichard

02th Jan. 2023




Gain valuable expertise and confidence to excel in the multifamily space.  Not only will  you learn how to sell, but you will learn some tricks of the trade as well.


Access advanced tools worth thousands, supercharging your business at no extra cost.

/ Vendor Mgmt

Meet strict multifamily requirements effortlessly, saving you time and money.

& Back Office

Effortlessly manage invoicing, accounting, receivables, and scheduling, eliminating costly hassles.

Why You Should Care

This will Fuel Your Cleaning Business’s Growth Plans

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Scale Your Cleaning Business

Learn how Kelly and her team went from 4 employees to

36 in just 9 months!

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What You Get

Unlocking Costly Benefits without paying a penny! 
PINCH’s success relies on your success.


  • Learn specifics of the multifamily industry

  • Sales Training

  • Cleaning Tips

  • Documentation Practices

  • Problem Solving

  • Multifamily Certification


  • Scheduling tools with team management

  • Job Booking Automation

  • CRM & Proposal Tools

  • Contact Management Tools

  • Resident Pricing Tools

Insurance / Vendor Mgmt

  • PINCH has required coverage

  • Integrations to Top Vendor Management Systems

Invoicing & Back Office

  • Daily invoicing of multifamily clients

  • Money Collection

  • Finance Support Staff

  • Sourcing Resources for finding more cleaners

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